3rd International Caparica Conference in Translational Forensics 2022

14th – 16th November 2022 | Caparica | Portugal

Dear Colleagues and friends

Despite advancements in many different fields of forensics sciences, its progress presently takes much longer than necessary, making the way in Forensics disappointingly slow.

This impacts the efficiency of criminal investigations and causes limited implementation of new advances in Court of Law.

The III International Caparica Conference in Translational Forensics aims to connect in a transversal way all of us involved in Forensics with the objective of join together as many forensic disciplines as possible.

The idea is to share the latest advances in forensic research and forensic technology as well as to report on their implementation in real cases.

Yours truly
J. L. Capelo

C. Lodeiro
Conference chairs
On behalf of the organizing and scientific committee

Plenary Speakers

Niels Morling, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Title: Genetics and epigenetics in sudden cardiac death?

Carlos Cordeiro, PhD

Affiliation: Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Title: Fingerprinting fingermarks with extreme resolution FT-ICR mass spectrometry.

Simona Francese, PhD

Affiliation: Sheffield University, Sheffield (UK)

Angel Carracedo, PhD

Affiliation: University of Santiago de Compostela; Public Fundation of Genomic Medicine-Galician Service of Health, Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Title: Omics in forensics.

Leonor Gusmão, PhD

Affiliation: Rio de Janeiro State University (Brazil)

Mark A. Kliewer, PhD

Affiliation: University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (USA)

Title: Ultrasound elastographic measurement of rigor mortis in an animal model: A feasibility study for improved time-of-death estimates in forensic investigations.

Laura Mercolini, PhD

Affiliation: Research Group of Pharmaco-Toxicological Analysis (PTA Lab), Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology (FaBiT), Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna (Italy)

Title: Microsampling landscape for forensic toxicology and analysis.

Malgorzata Iwona Szynkowska-Jozwik, PhD

Affiliation: Lodz University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry (Poland)

Title: Visualisation of fingerprints using Tof-SIMS.

Denis A. Cusack, PhD

Affiliation: University College Dublin & Coroner’s District of Kildare (Ireland)

Roberto King, PhD

Affiliation: Foster + Freeman (United Kingdom)

Giacomo Musile, PhD

Affiliation: University of Verona (Italy)



Title: Avaliable soon.

KPRK Talks



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Keynote Speakers

Consuelo (Chelo) Walss-Bass, PhD

Affiliation: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (USA)

Title: Leveraging Multi-Omics, Human Postmortem Tissue and Psychological Autopsies to Understanding the Brain-Behavior Interplay.

Raymond Thompson, PhD

Affiliation: Vista Engineering and Consulting LLC (USA)

Title: Expert Witness Opinions in the Day of Daubert.

Vincenzo Abbate, PhD

Affiliation: King’s College London (UK)

Title: Studies on the transesterification between synthetic cannabinoids and alcohol.

T. Komang Ralebitso-Senior, PhD

Affiliation: Liverpool John Moores University (UK)

Title: Microbial Forensic Ecology: Applying Multivariate Analyses for Postmortem Interval Determination.

Giulia Di Rocco, PhD

Affiliation: Life Sciences Department, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Title: Proteomics of tooth enamel: a new frontier in sex determination of ancient and modern samples.

Rafał Cieśla, PhD

Affiliation: University of Wrocław (Poland)

Title: Selected issues of forensic research of historical documents.

Yu Chen, PhD

Affiliation: Binghamton University (USA)

Title: Detecting Malicious False Frame Injection Attacks on Surveillance Systems at the Edge using Electrical Network Frequency Signals.

Fernando Pisani, PhD

Affiliation: Forensic Medical Unit, Western Sydney and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health Districts, Sydney (Australia)

Title: An unusual case of hypothermia and paradoxical undressing

Marek Kotrlý, PhD

Affiliation: Institute of Criminalistics (Czech Republic)

Title: Identification of residues of improvised explosives using physicochemical analytical methods under real conditions

Marcel de Puit, PhD

Affiliation: Netherlands Forensic Institute, (The Netherlands)

Title: Advances in forensic proteomics



Title: Avaliable soon.

Symposium Subjects

  • New trends in Forensic Analysis
  • New views for traditional forensics
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Death Investigation
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Policing
  • Legal and Judicial Systems

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